Church Services

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Worship September 15

September 22

Worship at Holmes Presbyterian Camp and Conference Center

(No worship service at the church)

60 Denton Lake Rd, Holmes, NY

Our Church Retreat


 Jeremiah 8: 18-9: 1/ Luke 16: 1-13

Lunch Follows Worship


Reader: TBD

A Normal Worship Service Program

Adult Education

Scarborough Presbyterian Church’s Adult Education program helps us broaden and deepen our faith through study and fellowship. Our programs explore new aspects of our religion and re-examine aspects that seem familiar. We sponsor study and fellowship opportunities such as lectures, readings, videos and films. Some of the topics that we cover are the Bible, church
history and theology, current events, music and art, popular culture and issues that face the church.

Recent lectures include Pastor Tim’s “The History and Mystery of the Resurrection” and Joel Cambron’s series on his trips to Helsinki, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and St. Petersburg. Monthly Movie Nights recently featured “Selma”, “Hidden Figures” and “Lion”.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School meets every Sunday during the church service (which starts at 10:30). Children are
invited to come to church first, then proceed to class after the Children’s Message. Youngest children go
to a play group where they do theme-based arts and crafts. School age children attend multi-age classes
where the emphasis is on fellowship and fun as much as it is on Bible learning, mission and the meaning
of being a Christian in today’s world.

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During the school year, lessons follow the same passages read and preached about in the church service
so families are able to share discussion afterwards. We use A Place for Everyone Placemat
, developed here at Scarborough and used for more than ten years. Lessons are filled with
variety and there is something different to do every week:

  • Games, hands-on kitchen or science activities, and crafts designed to help them notice and remember elements of the Bible lesson;

  • Popular culture book or movie excerpts that exemplify the concepts or issues raised by the scripture reading;

  • Calls to action and social justice that remind us of our role as witness and advocate for those in need every day of the week.

In the summer, we switch to more theme-based Placemat lessons such as the Dr. Seuss series and the Christian symbols series (rainbows, sheep, snakes and doves).

Rehearsal for the Christmas Pageant starts on the last Sunday of November. All children of the church school are invited to participate. And each year it is the best Christmas Pageant ever!


The school is a creative and fun adventure for teachers and children. If you want your children to be involved or you want to teach, contact Tim Ives at Or better yet, just walk through our doors when the Spirit moves you! Come as you are!

Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class runs from October to the day of Pentecost, usually in May. The class meets once a week, and typically confirmands are in seventh or eighth grade.  The major areas of study and discussion are faith, church history, the Bible, mission and service. The students are asked to do homework in these areas and participate in a number of service projects.   Members of the class having completed the program are confirmed on the day of Pentecost, thus becoming full adult members of the church.

If you are interested in your child participating in an upcoming class please contact the minister Tim Ives 914-941-1142/ 914-645-1482/

Music Programs

Led by Kenneth Potter, the Scarborough Choir is a great point of pride at our church. Small, but mighty, our choir has three well-trained professional section leaders, and a dedicated group of church members, who along with our church's stunning acoustics, help us to sound like a much larger group. Because almost everyone in the choir has good sight-reading abilities, our choir is able to present two anthems every Sunday, without requiring midweek rehearsals. The SPC choir performs a wide variety of songs: traditional church anthems, grand cathedral pieces, spirituals, and Sacred Harp. The SPC choir is especially skilled at singing acapella, and usually starts the church service with a choral introit sung unaccompanied.


Prayer Requests

Every Sunday Tim Ives, the minister of the Scarborough Church, says, “I believe in the power of prayer.  I believe when we pray for others they are blessed, and we are blessed, and the world is made a bit better.”

If there is someone you would like us to pray for please fill out this form:

Name of Person Requesting Prayer *
Name of Person Requesting Prayer
Name of person (or issue or circumstance) for whom you are asking prayer *
Name of person (or issue or circumstance) for whom you are asking prayer


If you are planning a wedding, you are invited to consider the Scarborough Church. The church is open
to members and non-members for their weddings, and we are happy to work with anyone who would
like to use our beautiful sanctuary.


If you are interested, a call to the church office, at 914-941- 1142, to talk with Natalie Carr-Harris is the first step. Natalie will check availability and provide a breakdown of fees. If you plan to supply your own officiant, Natalie is also your contact. If you would like our minister Tim Ives to perform the ceremony, the next step is emailing him at It is recommended that couples getting married with Tim officiating meet with him three our four times before the service. The fellowship hall is
also available for receptions. Natalie is also the contact for that.



According to the Presbyterian Book of Order, Baptism is “the sign and symbol of inclusion in God’s grace and covenant with the Church. As an identifying mark, Baptism signifies the faithfulness of God, the washing away of sin, rebirth, putting on the fresh garment of Christ, being sealed by God’s spirit, adoption into the covenant family of the Church, resurrection and illumination in Christ…”.

Baptism at Scarborough Church is approved and scheduled through the Session. If you are a member of the church and would like to Baptize your child or if you would like to join the church through Baptism (if you have not been Baptized before) please talk to the minister Tim Ives by calling 914-041-1142 or emailing him at There is no age specification for Baptism. It can happen at any time in one’s life.


At Scarborough Church we want to be of help and comfort to anyone facing the sadness of losing a loved one.  We are a fellowship devoted to loving one another, and that does not exclude those who are not members of our church.  If you find yourself facing this most difficult time in your life please contact SPC, you will be treated as a part of the family.

Below is general information about what to expect from our church.  If you are facing the death of a loved one please reach out to the pastor Tim Ives: 914-941-1142/ 914-645-1482/

When Death Occurs

When a Presbyterian dies, a pastor should be notified. The pastor can help to coordinate with the funeral home and the family of the deceased, and will begin planning the funeral service.

The option of holding a viewing is up to the family of the deceased. The location of the viewing should be discussed with the pastor, as some churches prefer to hold the viewing at a funeral home while others prefer to hold it in the church.

Where To Hold A Presbyterian Funeral

The Presbyterian funeral may take the form of a graveside funeral, where the service and interment take place at the same time and location; a memorial service, at which the body is not present and interment has already occurred or will take place later; or a traditional funeral service, where the body is present either in a closed casket or in the form of cremated remains in an urn. Memorial services and funeral services that are not graveside should take place in a church building (rather than a funeral home or cemetery chapel).

The Presbyterian Funeral Service

The pastor leads any service, affirming the Presbyterian belief in the resurrection and focus on God’s power over death. The service will include reading Scriptures, singing hymns, praying, and a short sermon. Holy Communion is not usually celebrated, but it may be appropriate on occasion.

Eulogies and Tributes At A Presbyterian Funeral

A eulogy in praise of the deceased is not a part of the worship service, although there may be personal reference to the deceased in the prayers. It is permissible to deliver a brief eulogy before the worship service begins, though generally eulogies should be delivered during the visitation before the funeral or memorial service or afterwards, at a reception.

Fraternal, Civil, Or Military Rites At A Presbyterian Funeral

As the Presbyterian worship service is primarily religious, fraternal, civil, or military rites should not be delivered during the service, but rather at the viewing.

Specific Presbyterian Funeral Arrangements

In the event that a casket is present for the service, a white pall may be placed over the casket as a symbol of the baptism and to remind mourners that all are equal in the eyes of God, no matter the minimalism or extravagance of the casket. In the spirit of moderation, flower arrangements should generally be simple and few.


If there is to be a burial after the funeral service, family members and close friends will gather at the interment site for a final service, led by the pastor. Committal services are usually brief, and often include readings from Scripture, prayers, and a blessing as the body is committed to the earth.

Organ Donation

Organ donation is acceptable for Presbyterians.


Depending on the rules of the state and/or the funeral home that you’re working with, embalming before the viewing may be necessary.

Viewing, Wake, Or Visitation Before A Presbyterian Funeral

Typically, there will be a viewing at a funeral home a day or two before the funeral or memorial service.  That is usually arranged with the funeral home. The minister may say something at the viewing but that is not mandatory and up to the family.

Mourning Period And Memorial Events

There is no prescribed mourning period or memorial events for Presbyterians.