Details for The Winston Churchill Lectures and Thanksgiving Sunday and the community Thanksgiving on Thursday, just scroll down….

November 18, 2018 Sunday Worship 10:30 am

 All Are Welcome!

All Are Welcome!

The Rev. Dr. Tim Ives Preaching

1 Samuel 1:4-20/ Mark 13:1-8


Ushers: Jim Simmons and Geetha Rajendran

Coffee:  Church Community Thanksgiving Lunch

Reader: TBD

Worship Next Week November 25…

2 Samuel 33:14-16/ John 18:33-37


Ushers: Gene Croft and Bob Hooley

Coffee: The Keeley Underwood Family

Reader: Needed



Upcoming Events in Brief…

Sunday, November 18 - Noon   Church Thanksgiving Dinner   Fellowship Hall   Also Pledge Sunday

 Tuesday, November 20  Newsletter Deadline

 Thursday, November 22  Thanksgiving Dinner at First Presbyterian

 Sunday, November 25   Winston Churchill “After War Defeat and the New Menace”  after church in the Conference Room

 Sunday, November 25 First Pageant Rehearsal After Church School

Monday, November 26 - 7:30 pm   Session Meeting   Conference Room

Wednesday, November  28 -  10 am Prison Letter Writing

Sunday, December 2  First Sunday of Advent Candle Lighting and Pageant Rehearsal After Church

Sunday, December 2 - 5 pm Tree Lighting and Carols

Saturday, December 8 - 10 am Greening of the Church  

Saturday, December 8 - 9 am    Mission Committee Meeting at Landmark

Sunday, December 9  Second Sunday of Advent Candle Lighting and Pageant Rehearsal After Church

 Sunday, December 16 Third Sunday of Advent Candle Lighting and Pageant Rehearsal after Church

Sunday, December 16   Deacons Formal Christmas Coffee Hour

 Sunday, December 16 - Noon Deacons Meeting

Monday, December 17  - 7:30 pm   Session Meeting   Conference Room

Sunday, December 17 - Noon   Deacons Meeting

Thursday, December 20 Newsletter Deadline

Sunday, December 23 Fourth Sunday of Advent Candle Lighting Pageant Rehearsal after Church School

 Monday, December 24  - 5 pm Christmas Pageant



Church Family Thanksgiving Dinner November 18

           Our Annual Church Thanksgiving Dinner is coming up on November 18th, after church.  This is a long-time Church tradition we all look forward to.  It is a time when we sit down together as a church family and share a delicious meal prepared by the hands of our congregation.  It is a time when we catch up and visit with each other, renew old friendships, and form new friendships.  Please come and bring your family and friends. 

There will be a sign-up sheet in the Chapel for all to sign up to attend, as well as to sign up for a few specific chores.  Or you can simply call the office (941-1142) to let us know.

Ossining Community Thanksgiving Dinner

 Thursday November 22 at Noon First Presbyterian Church

34 S. Highland Avenue (Route 9)

Opposite Ossining High School 

No Charge    Meals Delivered

Volunteers Needed Wednesday and Thursday

Call 941-0540

All Are Welcome Come Give Thanks and Celebrate Our Community 

We need pies! And coats! Talk to Tim




Lecture Series Continues November 25 After Church…

Churchill:  Responsibility and Freedom

Last year as a result of the events in Charlottesville I presented a series on the rise of the National Socialists in Germany and the rise of the infamous Adolf Hitler.  I must say I learned a great deal and what frays in a culture to let such dark forces gain a foothold and then come to power.  It is a cautionary tale.  Since then I have read many books about the overwhelming suffering that went along with the rise of the Nazis and the Second World War.  And I must say that these are stories of great heroism and life in the midst of incredible challenges.  There is one story after another of how people survived and lived through such terror.  It is amazing.  One story that surprised me was the story of the rise of Winston Churchill who amazingly seemed to be the exact right man for the time.  He was such a contrast to Hitler.  And the adversary to him that was so needed at the time. 


So I am going to give  a series of talks about Churchill and highlight the attitudes and convictions that made him a counter balance to a world gone mad.  In many ways his story is like so many of the time but he was right in the middle of it and what he did made all the difference.  It is a story of what a difference can be made by one person...


….after church in the Conference Room


Sunday November 25 Winston Churchill

“After War Defeat and the New Menace” 

It was at the Potsdam Conference where Churchill was told that he had not been reelected as Prime Minister.  Another terrible defeat for a man who had achieved a great deal.  He dealt with it like the other times he had been judged harshly and rejected.  He would not leave politics and be reelected as Prime Minister in 1951.  He was the first to warn of spreading menace of the Soviet Union and coined the phrase “iron curtain.”