What We Believe

The Apostle Paul wrote, almost two thousand years ago in his first letter to the Corinthians, that there were three things that had lasting value over everything else.
Love. Hope. Faith.
There are very few institutions in this culture or any other that can compare to the church.  The church stands for the core values of life in a unique and powerful way.
The church exists to promote and encourage these lasting and enduring values.


In our mission to the poor and neglected of the world we extend our love in a most helpful and tangible way.  We also give love to one another through the fellowship we share together as members of the church.


The church proclaims hope by its very existence.  If you know the story of the beginning of the church, you know how unlikely it is that there are churches at all.  When Jesus died, that should have been the end of his movement, but it wasn't. As a result of what Jesus taught, and a very Holy Spirit among them, the disciples saw a future and so formed the church.  It is miraculous and absolute fact. The hope that the disciples proclaimed birthed the church.

The existence of the church now points to an eternal hope that lives in the heart of every human being.  To preach the resurrection, the church must -- and always does -- continue to believe that when God is involved, anything is possible.  That is hope extended to all who come in contact with a church.


The church also encourages and nurtures faith.  There is nothing more important to happiness and meaning in this life than faith.   Our very meaning and happiness depends directly on what we believe about our lives. The church proclaims that all people are cherished and loved children of God.  If you believe, then you cannot be discouraged, and the possibilities for your life are limitless.